(Photo: copyright ETH Zurich)
'Our global customers benefit from many years of experience and a high level of technical expertise.' Marcel Zemp, CEO
(Photo: copyright ETH Zurich)

Our mission

zetcom has set the standard for powerful collection and museum management systems for more than 17 years. Our products and services are designed to meet the multifaceted tasks of museums, galleries and cultural heritage institutions all over the world.


zetcom is an international owner-managed company based in Switzerland. We serve the most significant museums with the highest expectations. More than 900 institutions benefit from our experience, the permanent enhancement of our products and the sustainable development of zetcom.

The international zetcom team during a company meeting

Our future

Since 1998 our success has been based on our growing team of more than 50 highly skilled and motivated employees. With backgrounds in IT, art history, museums and project management, training and documentation we are able to deliver high-end multilingual solutions for collection and museum management.


A constant dialogue with our customers and new developments in IT and museum documentation are the most important drivers for our future products, updates and services. We intend to expand our markets and constantly build up our client base while continously enhancing our products.

Monte Rosa Hut, SwitzerlandPhoto: ETH Zurich

CEO Statement

"As an owner-managed company, zetcom guarantees its customers, partners and employees collaboration based on fairness and committment. That is how we ensure sustainable economic development and an innovative expansion of our products and services, and how our global customers benefit from our many years of experience and a high level of technical expertise."

Marcel Zemp, CEO
Marcel Zemp, CEO