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Web-based Museum Management
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MuseumPlus supports the complex needs of museums. Our comprehensive, flexible standard application provides real-time museum management and fully documents any type of collection and all related workflow.

MuseumPlus Highlights

Core Functions

MuseumPlus offers a high degree of flexibility in the definition of data fields, modules, forms and reporting.
Our sophisticated Application Programming Interface (API) provides robust data exchange with other applications.


This module is the primary repository for the cataloging and registration of all objects, including:

  • Core information: title, artist/maker, dates/period, dimensions
  • Material and technique
  • Acquisition and origin
  • Location history, provenance, condition history
  • Views to linked modules



This module stores personal information for any people related to any object, exhibition, shipment or loan. All contact information is easy to manage and links directly to the appropriate object records. Personal and biographical information is updated for all related records, including:

  • Name, personal data (secure)
  • Related details/ periods
  • Biographical information
  • Published references
  • Links to objects and media records

The CRM-module provides a single point of entry for all contacts such as employees, conservators, shippers, lenders, borrowers, donors, sponsors, supporters and more. This resource enables easy creation of letters, invitations, address labels as required.


  • Core data such as salutations, names, addresses, telephone numbers, e-mails
  • Create address groups and generate Mailings
  • Contact history


The literature module manages bibliographic entries. Users may easily create and link references to objects. Data entry fields are easy to use and support international documentation standards. In addition to describing individual books, catalogs, periodicals and articles linked to objects and artists/makers in the collection, the literature module effectively functions as a complete reference library.



Unlimited images and other multimedia content can be linked to objects, artists, addresses or any other record types. Associated metadata is centrally managed in the multimedia module:

  • Images, videos, audio files
  • Office documents
  • Web-Links
  • PDF files, PowerPoint and any other formats are supported

MuseumPlus Online is the online presentation layer for content held in MuseumPlus, providing a dependable, proven toolkit for presenting collections and exhibitions online. In dialogue with the client, MuseumPlus Online is customized to present collection information in a clean, searchable web interface fully integrated with current site branding and identity. Once implemented and configured, selected works and information from MuseumPlus are automatically updated, without further manual intervention.

Visitors can search and view any published object data online, find information for related objects and retrieve additional information for artists, exhibitions and published references. MuseumPlus Online can be integrated seamlessly into any existing website and design: whether on your existing web server or one of zetcom’s hosting servers.

Loans and Exhibitions

Organizing an exhibition is a complex, multi-faceted set of tasks that requires careful planning, management and tracking. MuseumPlusRIA ensures the professionalism and success of your exhibitions, providing efficient support across the entire process. Exhibition planning functionality is supported for coordinating venues, curators, lenders, borrowers, reserving objects, managing condition reports, organizing images and tracking complex shipping and loan logistics.


Movement and Transpor

All objects, regardless of whether they are on temporary loan or deposit or part of the permanent collection, must be tracked while they are on museum premises. The Movement/Transport module in MuseumPlusRIA stores all information for any object movement, whether in the galleries, storage or in transit. The software manages all linked media for shipments, mode of transportation and relevant details for shippers, lenders, borrowers or couriers. Objects may be grouped for reporting purposes and linked to an exhibition, contract, or loan record.



Museums engage in many contracts and agreements related to loans, exhibitions and collection objects. MuseumPlusRIA lets you manage these agreements as linked media (pdfs etc) along with specific fields for data related to the contract, ensuring important details remain intact as related to museum activities. The contracts module may be used to keep track of incoming objects for acquisition consideration, loans, insurance, shipments, purchases or any other action where a contract is involved.

A variety of additional modules and features are available as add-on options to MuseumPlus. These are completely customizable and may include events management, workflow tasks, archives, document management (Alfresco Open Source DMS), bar-code integration and many more. The MuseumPlus technical framework, using open architecture and open source tools, provides unlimited possibilities for systems integration, workflow customization and enhancement. Our development team is able to integrate external systems, modules from other zetcom products to develop custom enhancements to meet specific needs.

Outsource your IT infrastructure

with Software as a Service (SaaS)

The MuseumPlus SaaS option is particularly well-suited to organizations with minimal to no IT support.

SaaS is designed so that all IT infrastructure is outsourced: your software and data are installed on a secure server hosted by zetcom. As no local installation is required, SaaS offers the optimal and most cost effective solution.



zetcom is honored to count over 900 prestigious museums as MuseumPlus clients.


Find all the key information about MuseumPlus in the PDF brochure. Highlights, Modules, Technical Requirements, and more.

Technical Specifications

Find out more about the technical specifications for all our applications under the following link:

Your Way to MuseumPlus

MuseumPlus is individually tailored to the needs of your institution from initial contact, through planning and implementation, to long-term maintenance and support.

01. Webinar

Discover MuseumPlus. Book a webinar to get the full range of functions and to clarify any questions that you might have.

02. Discovery workshop

Together with a zetcom consultant for your application, you define the range of functions, the implementation period and all other specifications of MuseumPlus.

03. Implementation

Your MuseumPlus solution is installed either in-house with you or on a zetcom server (SaaS). Our experts will train you and your staff in the application of MuseumPlus.

04. Maintenance & Support

Constant maintenance as well as personal telephone support guarantee a long-term and successful use of MuseumPlus.


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