MuseumPlus RIA
Powerful, easy to use, secure and cost-efficient.
MuseumPlus RIA

Modern, intuitive interface

The MuseumPlusRIA interface is designed to be graphically appealing and intuitive. The software is easy to use, for anyone from a first timer to a more experienced user. The ergonomic screen design provides a clear overview of the most important information and functions currently in use.

Intuitive navigation and Google style, intelligent, full-text searching guarantee a userfriendly experience.


Customizable views

Depending on preferences and tasks, users can easily switch between three different customizable interface options:

  • Form view: allows you to systematically record your project, meeting and address information
  • Table view: the spreadsheet style display of data facilitates data review and revision
  • Catalog view: summarize and present important information in printable form.



No More Third-Party Report writers

MuseumPlusRIA data can be integrated directly into Word or Excel for easy reporting. Data may also be output to Excel for editing and analysis. No third party report writers are required. Direct scripting to XML also facilitates easy report-writing, as needed.


Available anytime and anyplace

The MuseumPlusRIA web application and the “Software as a Service” (SaaS) model allow users access to the application and data from any location: in the office or on the road. MuseumPlusRIA is compatible with Windows and Mac. It requires absolutely no installation of any software or infrastructure. An Internet connection is the only requirement.




MuseumPlusRIA can be tailored to the business practices in place in your organization. We offer a high degree of flexibility in the definition of data fields, modules, forms and reporting. The sophisticated interface technology simplifies the exchange of data with other applications. The ability to directly interface with MS Office, e-mail and digital asset management systems is a key advantage for the long-term success of integrated collection management within an organization.


Secure investment protection

zetcom’s focus on developing and supporting its best-of-breed software for the museum community ensures ongoing product development and continued protection of your investment over the long term. With MuseumPlusRIA we offer the following services:

  • Provision of Hardware Infrastructure (IaaS)
  • Ongoing maintenance and regular system updates
  • Professional data backup
  • Application support via phone, e-mail, online ticket system



Secure, scalable and reliable

Data security, access protection and remote data backup are guaranteed. MuseumPlusRIA offers:

  • Encrypted data transmission
  • Two-factor login using e-mail or SMS code (like Online Banking)
  • Comprehensive rights management for modules, evaluations, records and fields
  • Data backup with version control and redundant storage

Your information in MuseumPlusRIA is protected from unauthorized access, always available and in case of hardware malfunction, quickly recoverable.


Sicher und verlässlich

State of the art web technology

Our developers focus on solid, innovative technology that can be run with minimal maintenance. Technical highlights:

  • Open source standards
  • Java Rich Internet Application - Thin Client JRE
  • Database independent - PostgreSQL, MSSQL, Oracle
  • Platform independent - Windows und Mac
  • Intelligent Google-like free-text search
  • HTTPS / SSH/ SSL/ Reverse Proxy/ Port & IP-blocking