MuseumPlus RIA
Powerful, easy to use, secure and cost-efficient.
MuseumPlus RIA

Hardware and infrastructure

Our MuseumPlusRIA application is both database and operating system independent.

It can run on the most common operating systems (Windows, Mac) and database systems such PostGreSQL. We will try to adapt the application to a customer-specific system as needed.

If you want zetcom to host MuseumPlusRIA, we offer it as Software as a Service. (The customer may opt to run his own servers).

Visit our  Software as a Service page for details.


Security and consistency

zetcom provides rigorously controlled access both to the stored data and while it is being transmitted. Your data is stored in the city of Berne in a former air raid shelter which is now a highly secure data center.

Several independent network providers ensure continuous network access. The data center is on-line round the clock because of network component redundancy and multiple circuits. Additional fail-safe arrangements feature an uninterruptible power supply, a backup diesel generator, air conditioning and a fire-extinguishing system. Spare parts for all components are always at hand.

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Microsoft Office Integration

MuseumPlusRIA is fully integrated with Microsoft Office – Any kind of reports can be generated with Word or Excel. Exports in various formats can be created using Excel, offering comprehensive data analysis and reporting. Mailings can be generated in MuseumPlusRIA and sent via Outlook.

The full integration of MuseumPlusRIA in Microsoft Office is seamless; providing efficient and flexible report-writing and analysis as needed.

Releases and updates

The features and functional range of MuseumPlusRIA are continuously updated and improved. New releases and patches are made available free of charge.