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eMuseumPlus builds on MuseumPlus and is the web client of choice among museums and galleries. Multilingual collection information and highlights are easily published on custom-designed web pages that make your data accessible online.


eMuseumPlus is the ideal solution to share collections and attract visitors to your museum, online and onsite. Our team of web developers will work with you to create innovative interactive presentations that tie in seamlessly with the overall style and branding of your website, helping promote upcoming events and exhibitions easily and cost-effectively.


In order to avoid double data entry in your Web Content Management System, eMuseumPlus allows you to publish data from MuseumPlus automatically with no manual intervention.

Core features

  • Flexible design & individual layout
  • Responsive Design
  • Multilingual interface
  • Collections, Exhibition and Event modules
  • 2-D floorplans
  • Fast and reliable
  • Low-maintenance

eMuseumPlus design examples

Design and layout are flexible. eMuseumPlus will blend seamlessly into your existing museum or collection website.

See the many online examples here   Client sites

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For information and references about eMuseumPlus, or technical information on how to integrate the application into your IT infrastructure, contact us at any time. Our staff will be happy to support you in English, German, French, Spanish, Catalan, Italian or Greek.