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The modular structure and the great flexibility of MuseumPlus Classic enable effective and high-quality collection and museum management. The easy-to-learn interface of MuseumPlus Classic and the robust technology make it an irreplaceable tool in everyday work.

MuseumPlus Classic Highlights

Core Functions

MuseumPlus Classic offers a high degree of flexibility in the definition of data fields, modules, forms and reporting.
The sophisticated interface technology simplifies the exchange of data with other applications.

MuseumPlus Classic is designed to enhance transparency over the entire collection, letting you track individual items at the click of a button. All modules of MuseumPlus Classic are interlinked to ensure seamless data exchange and easy inventory control. Redundant data and re-entry of the same information over and over is history.

MuseumPlus Classic presents you with real time information on the exact whereabouts of any object, upcoming relocations, transport and insurance requirements. It also gives you an overview of the exhibit’s history and lets you create inventory reports.

MuseumPlus Classic integrates several powerful tools to guarantee easy-to-handle and effective data management. The double control helps you to avoid identical records in the database. Detected redundancies can easily be listed, deleted or merged. Additionally there is the option to use controlled vocabulary schemes by means of thesauri and lists of terms to generate the broadest possible context for your collection.

The cornerstone of MuseumPlus Classic is the collection module. This module stores core data of your objects, artists and related events as well as additional information on the collection items.

To simplify data entry, all field labels of MuseumPlus Classic can be adjusted to the individual needs of an institution or according to the special requirements of a collection. MuseumPlus Classic is equipped with several functions to avoid data entry errors and it integrates tools that speed up data entry for large collections. The seamless integration with Microsoft Office applications guarantees an easy data exchange with Word, Excel and Outlook.

Advanced search functionality allows users to retrieve information quickly and efficiently from any part of the MuseumPlus system. Naturally, search queries can be saved and reused. Search results can be expanded, narrowed, saved and reused as well.

  • Cross-collection search
  • Hierarchical search (Thesauri)
  • Expert search (Boolean operators)

MuseumPlus Classic is the ideal source for reliable research and intelligent document retrieval.

Information about conservation activities is stored in this module. The multimedia component supports the in-depth documentation of an object’s condition with digitized images, videos or sound files. A history of all condition reports and treatments is maintained. Storage, transportation and treatment conditions are recorded in detail, including the information on who did which assessment when.

Organizing an exhibition is a complex task that calls for careful planning, management and tracking. This adds an extra dimension to the collection management of a museum or gallery.

MuseumPlus Classic helps to ensure the success of your exhibition, providing efficient workflow support from the early planning stages through to completion. This includes venue and room planning, loans-in and loans-out management, creating the loan contracts, shipping features, crates and cases, exhibition label and object list printing, object reservation, developing catalogs (images, text.

A built-in project management feature allows you to track all important tasks, milestones and deadlines related to exhibition management. This scheduler may be used in any other module of MuseumPlus Classic as well, which is an outstanding feature of our solution and a great tool to improve communication and smooth workflows in your institution.

Many museums offer a variety of special programs and encourage their audience to combine their visit with an event. All events, regardless of their size and scope, need to be carefully planned and executed. MuseumPlus Classic streamlines event management by eliminating redundant tasks. It allows you to define daily programs, schedule events, store contact details, print lists of participants and reserve rooms and equipment. Facility management functionality includes third-party room rentals and service contracts and invoicing.

The contact and address management module is a powerful feature tailored specifically to the needs of museums and galleries. It manages all individuals and organizations that a museum may have dealings with - from colleagues in museums, to visitors, to press, to donor and VIP contacts.

MuseumPlus Classic also draws on this address pool to support mailing campaigns by creating serial letters, email mailings, address labels or a digital newsletter. The contact details are stored in the central database and are protected by the strong user rights management and security settings system of MuseumPlus Classic.

MuseumPlus Classic features a comprehensive archive module that makes it easy to manage the digital copies and physical reproductions of your collections. The archive comes with a royalty functionality that allows you to manage revenue streams from the copyrights you hold (photo orders, invoices). Security features safeguard digital information against unauthorized access through visible or invisible watermarks or captions.


zetcom has the honor to count over 900 institutions around the world among to its MuseumPlus Classic customers.

Technical Specifications

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