International Olympic Committee to be honored for Archive Preservation

Our client, the International Olympic Committee, will receive an award at IBC (International Broadcasting Convention) 2015 in Amsterdam. The award recognizes the IOC’s positive approach both to conservation and to making the archives available to broadcasters, researchers and other professionals. Dating back to the first Olympic Games in modern times, in 1896, the audiovisual archives of the Olympic Movement include 2000 hours of film, 33,000 hours of video, 8500 hours of audio and more than 500,000 photographs, as well as 2000 archive documents and 22,000 pictures of Olympic Museum artefacts.

We are very proud that more than a century of Olympic history is preserved for the future by our software solution and that of our technology partners. The award will be presented as part of the IBC2015 Awards Ceremony, which takes place at 18.30 on Sunday 13 September, in the Auditorium in the RAI Centre.