Getting to Know zetcom: A Conversation with Nicolas Guillaumin

Today we’d like to introduce you to Nicolas Guillaumin, Head of Group Services at zetcom. 

Group Services at zetcom

Nicolas is responsible for four teams, including tech specialists and customer support, all of which focus on delivering high-quality support and service to clients. It’s Nicolas’ responsibility to ensure that the customer support team is the smoothest touchpoint for clients after onboarding.

One of the exciting aspects of a Head of Group Services job is that every day is different. Nicolas and his team are constantly responding to current issues and meet regularly with the management team to direct strategy. While there may not appear to be a lot of structure, the freedom to experiment with new solutions to help with work processes means Nicolas and his team can remain imaginative and innovative. 

Technology: The Only Constant is Change

In Nicolas’ option, the internet has been the most significant change during Nicolas’ time at Zetcom, with the company being the first to offer SaaS offerings. Since breaking into the collections management world, zetcom has continued to move the industry forward, collaborating to create solutions and explore cutting-edge technologies like auto-translations with Deepl and image recognition.  

When asked what he likes most about working at zetcom, Nicolas spared not a moment to mention his appreciation for the team’s diversity and passion for the product and clients. He praises the initiative taken by one team in creating a queue system, helping to find a more flexible way to work between teams. This initiative was highly appreciated by the project management team, helping to better understand the timing and capacity of other teams.

About Nicolas

Originally from France, Nicolas ventured overseas to Australia to gain experience before joining Zetcom in 2019. Before joining the company, he was building a search engine for internal websites in higher education. Since joining Zetcom, he has played an instrumental role in the company’s restructure and has contributed to the change management process.

To Conclude

The Head of Group Services plays a critical role in delivering exceptional service to the company’s clients. Nicolas faces significant obstacles daily as he and his team work to continue to provide the best product for zetcom’s clients and they remain committed to finding innovative solutions to continually improve. He is grateful for the diverse and passionate team at Zetcom and values the freedom to experiment and find new ways to approach challenges.


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