Foundation Plus supports users with new functions such as the Kanban board and online forms. Find the most important innovations for more efficiency and time savings in this overview.



Foundations and associations process a large number of inquiries, applications and decisions in their everyday work life. The responsible administrators record projects and applications. They document resolutions from decision-making meetings. They allocate funds and record verifications.

This bundled information, documents, media and deadlines are the basis for optimal project management, precise financial planning and comprehensive reporting and controlling.

FoundationPlus is tailored to the diversity of precisely these tasks. Users process all activities of their organization within the web-based software. The data and information can be accessed at any time and from any location.

The new functions at a glance

The latest functions for FoundationPlus will support users in the future in saving time in their daily work and reducing administrative effort. With this FoundationPlus creates space for quality work and a better overview.

Visualize workflows with Kanban board: The new Kanban board supports lean processes in the organization of our users. Updating and monitoring projects that are being processed in parallel becomes easy and transparent. All running projects are clearly displayed according to status on the Kanban board.

Save time with online forms: Applications can be submitted online with just a few clicks. All applications and required attachments are recorded directly in FoundationPlus. This saves time and reduces manual entries. Online forms can now also be pre-saved in order to be finalized by the applicant at a later point in time.

Adjust tables dynamically: Users get more freedom for configuring table views. In all relevant modules, the display, width and arrangement of columns can be dynamically adjusted even after data has been called up. These adjustments can now be saved permanently as private or public table views. In addition, the table view can be exported to Excel format.

Simplified commission view: Many of our users work collaboratively with commissions and experts to assess and approve applications. The new, optimized commission view makes collaboration in FoundationPlus quick and easy for everyone involved.

Connect accounting: In the payment list module, users can transfer information from FoundationPlus to accounting systems via an interface. This simplifies the collaboration with external departments.


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