MuseumPlus Media Guide – the mobile experience for your visitors on-site and beyond.

Manage, organize, and publish to your digital guiding app seamlessly from within MuseumPlus. Benefit from a central source of truth for your stories, stops, and tours.

Core Functions

Media Guide for MuseumPlus is a seamless integration to the MuseumStars app by our partner company Fluxguide. It enables you to create intuitive and engaging multimedia guides for museums and collections by using the existing data from MuseumPlus. As a MuseumPlus user, you can create individual tours and stops for approved content. 

Route content

Route content from MuseumPlus directly into MuseumStars or your own dedicated Media Guide.    

Out-of-the-box or branded

By signing up for Media Guide, you can decide between the standard out-of-the-box design and your own branded version. 

Engage and Interact

Make visitors engage,
share and explore your
online tours and stops.

Experience is believing

Experience MuseumStars firsthand and download the app for free.

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The Why? – The How? – The Wow!

Media Guide provides out-of-the-integration functionality between MuseumPlus and MuseumStars on a no-code basis for default branding and design. Alternatively, you can choose to run the solution as a solo app with your own look and feel. Optional upgrades enable you to add floorplan or in-app gaming solutions.   

01. The Why

Single source of truth – benefit from MuseumPlus as the central repository for tours and around your exhibitions or objects.   

Creating content is a challenge, especially when information is scattered throughout various applications or software solutions.   

Media Guides are difficult to create and maintain and consume lots of resources. The Media Guide module of MuseumPlus enables you to simply drag and drop content and relevant information into context and directly publish.  

02. The How

MuseumStars is a no-code Media Guide app that enables cultural institutions to create virtual tours including media. The app includes standard features such as creating tours, stops, publishing media, etc., and offers additional functionality for floorplan and in-game functionality.   

Through the direct and seamless integration between MuseumPlus and MuseumStars, customers are able to centrally organize, manage and publish their tours and stories together with information already assembled in MuseumPlus.  

03. The Wow

A Media Guide that suits you – user-friendly and directly integrated with MuseumPlus. Content changes are delivered to users in real-time.   

Design adjustments such as the logo or color scheme can be easily set. With a few clicks, your app is created and available to visitors.  

Contact us

If you would like to know more about Media Guide, feel free to contact our nearest office any time.