Product Overview

zetcom develops software to meet a wide range of needs. For us, the specific requirements of each institution are always the highest priority.


Museums & Archives

Our robust and efficient MuseumPlus software supports the complex needs of museums and archives. This comprehensive, flexible application provides real-time museum management and fully documents any type of collection and all related workflow.

And as a web-based tool, MuseumPlus offers an essential feature: access to all of your data, anytime, anywhere.


Museums & Archives

Unlike MuseumPlus, MuseumPlus Classic is not web-based.

More than 6,000 users in 900 institutions all over the world use MuseumPlus Classic to manage and organize their collections. The structure, flexibility and comprehensive focus of MuseumPlus Classic enable our clients to improve the quality and effectiveness of their work. Our clients range in size from small, local collections to large national cultural institutions.


Collectors & Collections

ArtPlus is the premier solution for private and institutional collections as well as arts management professionals. It is modular, intuitive, scalable and web-based.

This extremely flexible application gives you the tools you need to fully document your collections and collection-related processes.

Which product suits me best?

Not sure which product best meets your needs? Please contact us (no obligation!) and we will gladly help find the right solution for you.

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