Technical specifications

The following technical specifications apply to all our products. These include MuseumPlus, ArtPlus, FoundationPlus, ManagePlus and EnvironmentPlus.

You can find out more about the technical requirements for MuseumPlus Classic here.

zetcom mac and windows

Compatible with Mac & Windows

Hardware and infrastructure

Our applications are both database and operating system independent.

You can run our programs on the most popular operating systems (Windows, Mac) and database systems such as PostGreSQL. We will try to adapt the applications to a customised system as needed.

If you want zetcom to host the programmes, we offer them as Software as a Service. (The customer can choose to run their own servers). Visit our Software as a Service page for more information.

Securely stored data, available at any time

Security and consistency

zetcom offers strictly controlled access both to the stored data and during its transmission. Your data is stored in Bern in a former air raid shelter, which is now a highly secure data centre.

Several independent network operators ensure uninterrupted network access. The data centre is thus online around the clock. Additional fail-safes include an uninterruptible power supply, a backup diesel generator, air conditioning and a fire extinguishing system. Spare parts for all components are always at hand.

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zetcom office integration

Works easily with your familiar Office software

Microsoft Office Integration

All our applications are fully integrated with Microsoft Office – any type of report can be generated using Word or Excel. Exports in various formats can be created with Excel and provide comprehensive data analysis and reporting. Mailings can be generated in the application and sent via Outlook.

The full integration of our products with Microsoft Office is seamless. We offer efficient and flexible report descriptions and analysis as required.

Regular updates – free of charge

Releases and Updates

The features and functionality of our products are continuously updated and improved. New releases and patches are made available free of charge.

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Do you have questions about the technical specifications of zetcom products? Do not hesitate and contact us.