Software for the Preservation of Historical Monuments

With ArtPlus Denkmalpflege, zetcom has launched a new software for the professional management of building inventories worthy of protection.

The high flexibility in the definition of data fields, modules, forms and reports is specially tailored to the needs of listed buildings and can be individually adapted to your existing structures.

ArtPlus is browser-based, relies on open standards (Open Source), is low-maintenance and intuitively structured.


Module: Measures and Projects



  • Property inventory: extensive cataloguing, registration and management of buildings
  • Digital assets: Digital media can be linked to objects, cultural assets, addresses and other entries.
  • Interface to your existing Geoportal/GIS - Geographic Information System
  • Cultural assets: documentation, registration and administration of cultural assets and collections independent of objects
  • Measures and subsidy processes: Integrated functionality for planning, execution and documentation
  • Cooperation with external partners via the ArtPlus Portal
  • Building Inventory Online: Publication of contents directly from ArtPlus Denkmalpflege on your website

Module: Objects

Naseej Academy


ArtPlus Denkmalpflege is a product of zetcom. For more than 20 years we have been the leading manufacturer of software solutions for complex requirements in many areas from museums to collectors and from foundations to environmental protection agencies.

Contact us if you would like to know more at 
+41 (0)31 320 10 00 or info@zetcom.com.