Celebrating 25 Years of Success: zetcom’s Milestone Anniversary in Bern, Switzerland

In the heart of Bern, Switzerland, a significant milestone was celebrated recently – zetcom proudly celebrated its 25th anniversary, bringing together 120 international employees and esteemed partner companies for an unforgettable two-day extravaganza.

The festivities commenced on the first day with a gathering that buzzed with excitement and anticipation. The evening began with a captivating speech by Marcel, the founder of zetcom, who regaled the audience with stories of the company’s humble beginnings. Immortalizing those early years, Marcel shared captivating visuals, showcasing the journey from a young and audacious startup to the industry leader that zetcom is today.

Investor and management speeches set the stage, highlighting the remarkable journey that zetcom had undertaken over the past quarter-century. 

On the second day, the team enjoyed outdoor activities designed to foster connection and create lasting memories. In the evening, the much-anticipated grand celebration party took center stage. It was a night of revelry, filled with laughter, dancing, and a sense of appreciation for the remarkable achievements of zetcom. 

To tantalize the taste buds, a talented cook and friend of the company prepared a delicious paella in the picturesque courtyard. The dress code for the evening was “Nerds and Arts,” and everyone truly embraced them. Attendees arrived in a dazzling array of creative outfits, showcasing their love for both technology and the arts. It was a visual feast, and each person’s attire became an artistic expression, further emphasizing the diverse and passionate nature of the zetcom community.

Being part of this historic event was an emotional experience for all involved. Attendees reveled in the joyous atmosphere and reflected on the tremendous growth and accomplishments of zetcom over the past 25 years. The celebration served as a testament to the hard work, dedication, and vision of the entire team, whose relentless pursuit of excellence has propelled zetcom to the forefront of the industry.

This remarkable anniversary celebration not only honored zetcom’s impressive journey but also reaffirmed the importance of collaboration and camaraderie in achieving great success. As the two-day milestone celebration came to an end, it was evident that zetcom’s 25th anniversary celebration would be etched in the memories of all who attended. The event was a testament to the company’s unwavering commitment to innovation, excellence, and building strong relationships. With renewed enthusiasm and a shared vision for the future, zetcom embarks on its next chapter, ready to continue revolutionizing the collection management industry for years to come.


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