The corona situation requires new ways and quick solutions. We will help you with that. We are hearing from many of our customers as they face the need to support newly remote workers. Please let us know if we can support you by adding additional temporary licenses. This will enable you and your team to expand your access to your current zetcom SaaS solutions.

Even though your public spaces may be closed, we know that your staff continues to work remotely. With our SaaS solutions for MuseumPlus, ArtPlus, FoundationPlus, ManagePlus and UmweltPlus, zetcom will support you and your colleagues as you move forward with important projects.

This is how it works:

  • Integrate additional users quickly and easily. We provide you with the required additional SaaS licenses immediately.
  • All additional SaaS licenses with a term from April to June 2020 are free of charge.
  • Your file space remains unchanged with the purchase of additional licenses. However, you can increase the data volume at any time if required.
  • Do your new users need a training webinar to review specific features or tasks to be managed? We can schedule an appointment for an online training session, regardless of where you are working from.
  • Important: This offer applies to customers with a SaaS license package for MuseumPlus, ArtPlus, FoundationPlus, ManagePlus or UmweltPlus. We are also able to support all customers with local zetcom installations with individual license extensions.


For more information:

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