The Harald Quandt Industriebeteiligungen GmbH (HQIB) acquired a majority stake in zetcom Group AG (zetcom) in March 2020.

“With HQIB as strategic partner we will continue to grow sustainably, enabling us to offer our customers an excellent perspective for a long-term cooperation,” says Marcel Zemp, CEO and founder of zetcom. “With our high-quality solutions we support customers in the digital transformation of their business processes. Our technological expertise and customer services are the key criteria, which our customers have valued for the last 20 years. In HQIB we have found the ideal partner to successfully develop zetcom on a long-term basis, profiting from HQIB's expertise and extensive network in the arts and culture sector.”

The company's founder and CEO, Marcel Zemp, remains with zetcom as shareholder and continues to manage the day-to-day operations. Also, Dominik Gertsch, Head of Sales & Marketing, remains active as part of the leadership team. The parties have agreed not to disclose further details of the transaction.

The Harald Quandt Industriebeteiligungen GmbH is the principal investment firm of the family Harald Quandt joined by a small, select number of (industrial) families and partners. HQIB invests in small and medium sized companies within the German-speaking region, that are leading in established and technologically sophisticated market niches with attractive growth potential. As an industrial holding company, HQIB pursues a long-term, sustainable investment approach and is not subject to any time restrictions or limited investment periods.

Matthias Weigend, Principal of HQIB, says: “In the cultural sector, the next big wave of digitalization is still to come. As a technology leader for professional inventory management software, zetcom is well positioned to benefit from such growth opportunities. Together with Marcel Zemp, Dominik Gertsch and the first-rate management team we intend to further promote and accelerate the growth profile of the company, particularly through further internationalization.” Gregor Harald May, Managing Director of HQIB, adds: “In addition, we see significant growth potential in the development and expansion of the product portfolio. In this regard, we will also consider acquisitions and strategic investments.”

Download the press release here.

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