New in MuseumPlus: Extended Archive Management Add-On


The Extended Archive Management is a MuseumPlus add-on for managing and maintaining archive collections. It consists of a standardized archive view, the Archive Explorer for a quick overview of the inventory, and bulk functionality for creating data records. This Quick Clip introduces you to Extended Archive Management.


Extended Archive Management has three main pillars:

  • Archive Record View
    • The Archive View in MuseumPlus is based on the International Standard Archival Description (General) (ISAD(G)), an international application standard for the description of archival records.
    • In contrast to the standard object view, the archive view offers the possibility to define the level of description for each archive record and to store the archive structure for the entire archive holdings.
    • The Archive view is characterized by the tab Archive relations located on the lower half of the data entry screen. An archive record can only ever have one parent record. A parent record, in turn, can have multiple child records.
  • Archive Explorer
    • Unlike the regular Archive View, the focus of the Archive Explorer View is on the archive holdings context and the relationship of the archive record within the archive hierarchy.
  • Bulk creation of new records

If you have any more questions about Extended Archive Managment or would like to demo the package with the team, send an email to and the team will get you all set up!


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