The Digitalization of Bezirk Oberbayern via MuseumPlus

For an insight into the work we do and how we integrate into the world of our clients, we invite you to read this article written by Bezirk Oberbayern

The MuseumPlus database and eMuseumPlus web tool will be used to digitally research museum objects, listen to folk music and interviews, view estates, search for photos of events, and plan exhibitions or browse library holdings. The district of Swabia will also be purchasing the same software in the future. With this new software, the district is following the trend of other cultural institutions in Europe, such as the Louvre in Paris, and the National Museums in Berlin, which already use MuseumPlus to access and manage their cultural heritage. The new software will also replace the previous systems in thirteen cultural institutions in the districts of Upper Bavaria and Swabia, which no longer meet today’s professional standards for archiving, researching, and publishing tangible and intangible cultural assets.

To read more, head over to Bezirk Oberbayern’s website here.


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