Merle Hecht leads the zetcom support in our Berlin office. We spent a day looking over her shoulder. Find out more about zetcom and our team in Berlin here.

Every day Merle Hecht receives inquiries from zetcom clients from Germany, Austria, Great Britain, Ireland, Sweden and Finland. There are also requests from our sales partners in Greece and Saudi Arabia. zetcom Berlin supports around 450 clients in these countries who work with MuseumPlus, MuseumPlus Classic, ArtPlus and FoundationPlus. As a support specialist, Merle provides first level and second level support for all these software products in the Berlin office. The studied museologist has been working for zetcom for 4 years.

What makes her work exciting is the wide range of clients and the variety of requests that she receives daily, says Merle. Requests range from user questions about existing products, to error messages and their solution, up to switching to new updates and product generations. Merle also receives specific requests for extensions to the existing zetcom software.

8 a.m.: On the way to the office

From the south of Berlin I cycle to our office in about 30 minutes. zetcom Berlin is located in the middle of the lively Kreuzberg neighborhood. The Wilhelminian style building is home to creative people, service providers, craftsmen and even a boxing studio. On my way to the office I pass one of the most beautiful places in Berlin: the Tempelhofer Feld.

The airport, which was closed about 10 years ago, is now one of the largest open spaces in the city. In the midst of the hectic hustle and bustle of the capital, Berliners and tourists find countless opportunities here to spend their free time in a relaxed atmosphere.

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9 a.m.: Checking client requests

I share my work island with 3 to 4 colleagues. In the morning, I first look at new tickets and client inquiries that flow into our ticket system by email. Then I prioritize the tasks to be processed.

At almost the same time, I receive the first calls from clients on our support hotline. Here, zetcom can be reached by phone daily from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. For many of our clients, the hotline is an important contact point. Here they receive direct feedback on their questions.

Every day in zetcom support brings new requests and topics. You never foresee which challenges have to be solved today or tomorrow. That is the exciting thing about my work.

10 a.m.: Team meeting

Once a week the complete Berlin zetcom team meets. In the team meeting, we coordinate current, upcoming and completed projects. My colleagues report what they are currently working on. We also discuss current topics, such as COVID-19 updates and our organization in the home office.

Since March 2020 we have been running the team meeting digitally. I am curious to see when we will all sit together in the large conference room again. We are very well organized digitally. Nevertheless, I miss the direct and uncomplicated exchange with my colleagues on site.

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11 a.m.: Consultation with developers and project managers

zetcom supports clients in more than 30 countries. Our offices are also distributed worldwide. Transparency and exchange are therefore essential in our internal work.

I am a studied museologist. This allows me to understand he world of our customers. For a quick clarification of technical questions with our zetcom specialists in the development and custom code team, a phone call or a short meeting in the conference room is helpful. In exchange, we find quick solutions.

I also consult our project managers in the various offices on a daily basis. They are the specialists when it comes to checking the requirements of our clients.

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11:30 a.m.: Remote maintenance for MuseumPlus Classic

Our clients who use MuseumPlus Classic host their data on their own server. We usually solve support inquiries very quickly with remote access here. I often receive too little information about technical queries by phone or email. Remote access then shows me very quickly where the actual cause of a query or technical problem lies.

12 a.m.: Lunch around the corner

A popular spot for the lunch break is the “Markthalle Neun” in the Kreuzberg district. It is only a few minutes away from our office. In addition to food, the market hall offers space for initiatives from the local residents. It is a platform for projects that deal critically with the topics of food, the city, agriculture, biodiversity and the environment.

Here, in addition to a varied selection of food, you can also get exciting impressions, which you can then discuss while eating. You can also meet here for a beer with the team after work.

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1 p.m.: Video call with zetcom Bern

In video calls and digital meetings with the zetcom support team in Bern, we keep finding that there are many overlapping points in our clients’ inquiries.

In order to process these inquiries efficiently, we are in constant contact with Bern. This is how we learn from shared experiences in the best possible way. We work according to clear guidelines and standards. This enables us to resolve our clients’ inquiries thoughtfully and as promptly as possible.

3 p.m.: Coffee with colleagues

What makes a good coffee? This question can lead to heated discussions. But at least when it comes to the preparation of coffee, everyone gets their money's worth: espresso maker, fully automatic, hand filter, cold brew maker. We have them all. The short coffee break in our zetcom office kitchen is also used to exchange holiday highlights and favorite recipes.

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4 p.m.: Project meeting “Customer Experience”

The digital documentation of our collective know-how is currently occupying us intensively. In one project, we are working on the further development of our internal knowledge database. This database also helps us to provide information to support our clients in handling our products. An important partner in this project is my colleague Laura, our customer experience manager.

We are currently investigating what options are available in addition to manuals, brief instructions and support via email, telephone and remote maintenance in order to provide information quickly and easily. The keyword here is “self-service”. We are working on the creation of an online customer portal. In the future, our customers should have quick access to content and FAQ about our products around the clock.

Support Berlin_9

4:30 p.m.: Table soccer

Soccer at the table is a “must” for many here in the office. When my soccer-enthusiastic colleagues are invited to a kicker tournament, almost no one can say no.

The soccer table has been part of the office for at least 7 years. Legend has it that a former colleague contributed the soccer table. Every now and then our colleagues from the development team come over for a match. Their workspace is on the opposite side of the courtyard of our building complex.

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5 p.m.: Testing bugfixes and new features

My working day often ends with testing bugfixes and new features that our developers have programmed. Due to the constant development of our browser-based applications, I always have to stay on the ball.

Trying out the new features myself helps me the best. I own a collection of cups. I use these as test objects to inventory them in our application. What I test myself, I can also explain better to clients – maybe even the very next morning when I answer the first tickets with new client requests.


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