pictured is a glass round tunnel with a man walking away from the viewer and a young woman standing on the right side looking up through the glass. On the right of the image are two iphones showing the fluxguide app and the information it shares with guests at museums.

Culture Software Group acquires fluxguide

Bringing fully integrated, end-to-end digital engagement and visitor experiences to cultural heritage institutions.

As cultural institutions begin the digitization process, this combination of collection management and guest experiences will be vital for success. 

Culture Software Group AG has acquired a majority stake in Fluxguide Ausstellungssysteme GmbH (also known as “fluxguide”). This acquisition will foster collaboration between zetcom’s MuseumPlus Collection Management System and fluxguide’s digital experiences, apps, and media guides to propel the digitalization of museums and other cultural heritage institutions.  

Museums and institutions will be able to utilize the core competencies of MuseumPlus and fluxguide to enhance both physical and digital guest experiences through education and interaction. As the world has seen throughout the past 18 months, cultural institutions are still vital to the human experience and a more hybrid in-person and online experience is absolutely necessary for their success.   

“Digital interactions and the opportunities for museums to create unique customer experiences will become even more important in the future. Museums will be able to significantly multiply their reach through digital content. We are pleased to have found a partner in fluxguide with whom we can offer our more than 1,000 international customers state-of-the-art solutions. One-stop, integrated software offerings can significantly reduce the complexity and time investment for museums.”  

-Marcel Zemp, founder and CEO of zetcom. 

A circular glass tunnel with a man walking away from us and a young woman peering through the glass into what appears to be water. On the right hand side of the images are two iPhones with the fluxguide app presenting various information from the museum.

The two founders and managing directors of fluxguide, André and Kasra Seirafi, will remain co-shareholders and continue to manage fluxguide’s day-to-day operations, as well as work closely with zetcom’s management team to advance the digitalization of museums and cultural institutions worldwide.   

“We’re excited about working with zetcom. Together, we can offer an unparalleled range of digital solutions: from internal collections management to experience platforms on all digital channels. On the one hand, we offer individualized high-end solutions for specific customer requirements; and on the other hand, standardized solutions for smaller and medium-sized cultural institutions will be available in the future. These attractively priced alternatives will enable all customers in the cultural sector to deepen and professionalize their digitalization journey.”  

– André and Kasra Seirafi, founders and managing directors of fluxguide.   

The long-term goal of the Culture Software Group is to build a global leading partnership of complementary software companies with a unique product range for the cultural sector through targeted acquisitions.  

Beyond both company’s core markets in Europe, there will be an increased focus on international markets, specifically North America – the world’s largest museum market. North American offers a considerable growth potential for digital cultural solutions which zetcom is beginning to tap into via their subsidiary in the US.  

Explore fluxguide’s services athttps://www.fluxguide.com and https://www.museumstars.com then learn more about zetcom at www.zetcom.com 


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