For a full-time traineeship at zetcom, Nina moved from Scuol in the Engadin to Bern. For one year she supported us in many areas as a commercial trainee. Now Nina left us. As a farewell, we spoke to Nina in an interview.

Nina, do you remember your first day at zetcom?

On my first working day in September 2019, the "International Team Meeting" took place at zetcom. Many colleagues were just visiting Bern. Employees from Germany, France, Poland and Spain. The Berne office was full. More than 35 people. There was a lot going on. I thought: How can I remember all the names and faces.

Which tasks did you have during your traineeship?

I was employed as a full-time commercial trainee. In this role, I supported various divisions of the company: sales, finance, administration and human resources. But above all the administration. One of my tasks was the internal data maintenance in our CMS. In the address module alone there are about 20,000 entries.

I was also responsible for the organization of events. For the planning I was in contact with colleagues in Germany, France, Poland, Spain and the USA. I was allowed to organize the Christmas dinner, the team lunches and various aperitifs.

I also took over the booking of flights, train tickets and hotels when employees from the Berne office had upcoming trips. And I answered e-mails and telephone enquiries on a daily basis.


Why did you choose zetcom for a traineeship?

I really wanted to go to Bern for a traineeship. So I searched online for offers in Bern. That's how I came across zetcom. I liked the job description. My traineeship at zetcom combines commercial activities with IT, software development, museums and art. This is an exciting world.

What does a traineeship teach?

For sure a self-confident and professional appearance. I take calls at zetcom daily. There it is important to provide information in a safe and polite manner and to answer requests correctly.

At zetcom I also learned to take responsibility in my job. I worked independently for many tasks and projects. So I had to organize myself well and make sure that deadlines were met.

And I've learned to work in a team. The team in the Bern zetcom office consists of around 30 employees. We all work together very collegially and almost like a family. Everyone has an open ear for questions. We help each other. We also often spend lunch breaks together.

Did you have experience with IT and software before?

Actually not at all. It was exciting for me to get to know this world at zetcom. To see how software solutions are developed and what these products solve for clients. I was able to find my way in quickly at zetcom, because I have completed introductions to all products. Later I logged into the software's demo accounts myself to try things out.

How did you experience your traineeship during COVID-19?

From March 2020, many of our customers had to close their public operations as a result of the effects of COVID-19. I have felt this particularly in my work in administration. It suddenly became very quiet here. Fewer calls, fewer emails in the inbox. It also became quieter in our office. Most of my colleagues worked remotely from their home office. Only a core team came to the office regularly. From then on we met weekly for digital meetings.


What is the best way to get a traineeship at zetcom?

Just apply. Online or by mail. I have sent my application to zetcom in paper form. It was quite unusual to apply to an IT company like that. But I wanted to stand out and give my application something personal.

How do you best prepare for a traineeship at zetcom?

Visit the zetcom website. There you will find a lot of information about the products, the customer world and the news. A look at LinkedIn also gives interesting insights. Just check out what zetcom is doing. Or visit one of the many museums that work with zetcom software.


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