zetcom's support team is comprised of 10 specialists. From our offices in Bern, Berlin, France, USA and Singapore, they advise customers using zetcom's software solutions. Bernhard Rösch leads the support team in Bern.


Around 500 customers know his voice from the phone. Bernhard Rösch advises, solves and sometimes also calms down callers. As the lead support specialist in the zetcom office in Bern, he and his team support customers in southern and western Europe. Bernhard says that personal communication and understanding of a customer's situation is crucial to his support work. Bernhard speaks four languages fluently: German, English, French and Italian, as well as a little Greek and Dutch.

As an all-rounder in support, Bernhard knows almost every line of code in the zetcom suite of products MuseumPlus, ArtPlus, ManagePlus and FoundationPlus. Today, Bernhard is a little late for the interview. The reason for this is an urgent call from a customer who needs help setting up his database.



Bernhard, recently you received a small parcel of chocolate by mail. How did this happen?

I recently helped a long-standing customer of our software, MuseumPlus. Our support solution consisted of consulting and technical assistance during the migration to the new generation of MuseumPlus. The customer also received training. In a subsequent discussion, the customer was able to give us feedback on our service. A few weeks ago, I received a thank-you from the customer: a package of chocolate. That was a beautiful moment.

How do you achieve an optimal support experience for customers?

It's very simple. First and foremost, a customer wants personal feedback: Dear customer, we have understood your request, we are working on the solution and we will deliver by the specified date. Every customer wants to be heard with his request. This care for our customers is central. And it is difficult to automate this.


What qualities does a support specialist need?

Primarily, the willingness to work with people is very helpful. I have daily contact with people via hotline who are in very different situations. I have to put myself in the position of these customers quickly with every call. Many callers are of course not IT specialists. They are users of our software, who describe their concerns on the phone in a vague manner. Often the callers are also under time pressure. Patience and communication skills then help me to find out where the problem is. Pragmatism is also important. Support is about finding a quick short-term solution for customers and then developing a long-term solution. So, first of all, I provide initial help on the phone. For the long-term solution, I then work in the background with our expert teams.


What does the zetcom support offer include?

Our support offer begins with consulting services for optimizing the existing zetcom software landscape. This happens when a customer's environment or infrastructure changes. For an optimization, we will make customer-specific adjustments to our software, so the software meets the customer's new situation in the best possible way. Another key component of our offer is troubleshooting. This ensures that we minimize downtime for our customers and that we advise them on how to use their software efficiently. If customers wish, we also support them with training, either online or at their premises.

How are zetcom software products changing?

We are currently leading our customers into a new software generation. In doing so, we are preparing the transition from locally installed software to web-based Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions. The new software generation is independent of our customers' local operating systems. This is a great advantage in the current COVID situation, for example. With our SaaS solutions, our customers access their zetcom software from various workstations. For example, from the office with Windows and in the home office with a Mac. Different operating systems are now no longer an obstacle. Access via mobile devices is also possible.

What does this mean for your work, in customer support?

Maintenance of the new MuseumPlus generation is easier for customers because it is almost outsourced. The software is hosted on a zetcom server. For customer enquiries we have quick and save access to this server. This enables us to carry out requests and adjustments more quickly without delaying intermediate instances. Our support team works transparently and in close coordination with customers to ensure the necessary data security.

Finally, a look ahead. Where will software support develop in the future?

My most important tools today are the telephone and remote access to our customers' systems. Also, personal communication with customers remains important. Customers appreciate the direct contact with a specialist who understands their concerns and supports them. I think these will continue to remain important tools for many years. Support is never just about solving a technical problem. It is always also about understanding how the customer is doing. Is he satisfied? Does he need something beyond technical support? Maybe a training session that will help them use the product better in the future.


Together with our customers, we are moving ahead with great care. Our goal is to continue to provide the best user experience for our clients around the world. The zetcom support team is crucial for our customers, especially now.

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